Aveyronnaise 16€
Mixed salad, rustic ham, cantal cheese,
tomatoes, sauted patatoes,
onion chutney on toast

Parisian 14€
Mixed salad, tomatoes, hard boiled egg,
ham, emmental cheese, potatoes

Italian 16€
Salad, tomatoes, chicken hard-boiled egg, croutons, Caesar sauce
Nordic 18€
Mixed salad, tomatoes,
tartare de Thon Albacore, chives,
warm potatoes, toast

 Périgourdine 19€
Mixed salad, home-made duck foie gras,
tomatoes, green beans, duck breast fillet,
preserved poultry gizzards and its toast

Caesar 15€
Salad, tomatoes, chicken hard-boiled egg,
croutons and Caesar sauce

Veggie with Burrata 15€
Salad, tomatoes, green beans,
corn, Artichoke and Burrata

Hot goat cheese 16€
Salad, tomatoes, corn,
warm goat cheese on toast