Nice XXL grilled rib steak 29
 With Guérande salt  approx. 300g

Aubrac beef tartare 17€
classic approx.200g

Aubrac beef tartare 17€
Italian approx. 200g

Luxurious beef tartare 24€
"Aubrac" approx. 300g

Chopped steak on horseback 15€
"Aubrac"approx. 180g
Chopped steak 14€
 "Aubrac"approx. 180g

Beef carpaccio 15€

Lentil dhal 16,00€

Home-made fillings:
Mashed potatoes - Chips -
French beans - Basmati rice
Mixed salad -Pasta of the day - Seasonal vegetables
Home-made sauces:
Pepper - Bearnaise - Shallot -
Bleu d'Auvergne cheese